ADI’s payroll outsourcing service gives their partner the option of putting their employee(s) on ADI’s payroll, this benefits the partner by reducing accounting and benefits costs, and minimising potential risks with employer/employee relationships as may be perceived. The payroll outsourcing service is suitable for partners who want to focus on their business and goals and move away from their focus on internal process management. ADI’s payroll outsourcing service is cost-effective for businesses of any size (large or small). ADI provides their partners with a hassle-free process to get a work permit in many countries, which are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines.

 What is a work permit?

work permit is a permit issued by a member country to foreign nationals seeking to work in that country. Every country has its own visa system for people wishing to enter the country and a permit is necessary to work in the host country. Work permits enable both foreign employers and employees to legally perform certain tasks within the country and ensure foreign employment rights, such as a minimum wage and a break time in accordance with local employment laws. Depending on the country, work permits can be of either one-time or two-year duration and can be obtained directly from the local immigration office.

 How does ADI’s payroll outsourcing service work?

The partner sets up an ADI account on their website, it is easy and quick to do. ADI takes care of all the paperwork, HR management, filing, payroll administration etc. ADI conducts an assessment and tailor-made solution for their clients, this service is cost-effective and they offer customised solutions which work for each client.


Currently, ADI has not seen a significant reduction in the remuneration of its clientele. Instead, the increase of their clientele has brought a number of new opportunities to ADI’s payroll outsourcing service, from worldwide job advertisements to helping companies manage benefits and welfare. The contract with their new client is expected to be signed and sign it quickly so that they can get started. Furthermore, ADI has the highest standards for customer service. 


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