This article will cover some of the fundamental issues of health care. It also addresses the question: do we really need a significant modification to the health system? In addition, it covers the significance of natural substances and the reasons why they aren’t currently being extensively studied. There are many more important things listed, but they aren’t covered in depth in this article.

An information technology for medical professionals like the one described in these articles, will eventually be implemented. It’s inevitable. keep ignoring the latest technology for ever. It’s simply an issue of time. The issue is, do we really want to wait another fifty or seventy-five years to get something that can significantly impact our lives today? I believe that refusing to look into the possibility of such a technology at the moment and with the technology readily in place, is nearly an act of treason against humanity.

Another thought that pops into the minds of many people What is the reason to change the current system when they’re promising so many amazing breakthroughs in the future? Perhaps we don’t need any other thing? But, remember that the majority of those”new” breakthroughs that are talked about assist people suffering from a condition only and not massive preventative or health programs.

Let me also listen to some of your comments on the promises made by famous medical experts.

1.) 1) Dr. Deepak Chopra (a very popular and brilliant endocrinologist and writer) has written in the book Quantum Healing that he felt that the so-called bullet-type method of curing cancer is extremely unlikely to be successful, and provides numerous pages explaining why. He believes that the body is way more sophisticated and intelligent than such simple methods to be effective.
He also discusses the failure of the 1950s of chemotherapy’s promise that it would end cancer within a few years as well as the flimsy promise of the 1970s, which was the so-called great breakthrough of interferonthat was, of course, also a failure.

2) Joseph Califano,

3) Bailor MD PhD

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The approach presented here comes with a host of endorsements from holistic physicians who are MDs who primarily use preventative medicine. One of them is on the faculty at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He said this system was 20-30 years ahead of the times and highly encouraged me to keep promoting the system to the general public.

A proposed health information technology will also be very beneficial to further advance CLS research, through providing a perfect way to test the most advanced constituents.

Another issue we hear often is any significant, large-scale study of natural compounds. A key element in the new system proposed is its advanced methods for an extremely quick and precise evaluation of natural substances to determine the impact they could have on the human body. What possibilities are there in this? For instance, there are more than 260,000 chlorophyll-based plants on the planet that require to be evaluated for possible health benefits. Furthermore, researchers believe there are more than 50 million insects in the forest rains, and that nothing about the oceans. Aren’t we attempting to find out what they provide us with as well as what they can be able to contribute to our wellbeing? Unfortunately, in the present business model, there is no incentive for any large-scale research in this field, since natural elements are not registered as patentable. We don’t know what this might cost us in terms health, medical costs or, in the case of our future (more information in the book on this).

The research conducted by pharmaceutical companies to discover the natural healing plants that could be examined for active chemical compounds with the intention of developing patent-worthy pharmaceuticals. In the larger view this is an extremely narrow method.

If you have a doubt you are pondering regarding the importance of natural substances and the need for a systematic method of studying them, let’s think about the development of antibiotics for a moment.

Penicillin is, of course, derived from mold, a kind of fungus, a plant that was once primitive. Penicillin was discovered by accident in 1928 by Dr. Fleming who was in England. When he was running some slides of bacteria in his laboratory while on vacation, he and left a window open. The weather took a bizarre change, which allowed mold to grow and spread into the lab and infect the slides. The slides were then thrown away into the trash. However the good news was that after the Dr. Fleming returned, a friend stopped by to inquire about his research. And they were able to retrieve the slides from the trash and he was able to discover that the mold was able to kill the bacteria. While we must credit the Dr. Fleming credit for discovering penicillin, would we like to wait another 50 or 100 years to witness another remarkable incident? It is imperative that we advance our natural environmental studies on a an extensive scale. It’s highly likely that we’ll find a lot of beneficial health-related elements in the natural world. Additionally many of them will likely be accessible for the cost of herbs.

For a summary I’m not able to go into these issues right at the moment, but I would like to include these items. These are just some of the areas of interest which are included in the proposed system, and will be discussed within the text:

Solutions to hereditary deficiency issues

Solutions to weight control issues

The fine tuning of your body to ensure optimal health and wellness, as well as intervention

The option of taking advantage of the fee for health care service system, in contrast to HMOS

Controlling addiction

A reliable, direct test of every chemical manufactured by the United States and those shipped into products.

Tests that are reliable and accurate for every kind of remedy for efficacy and safety, including herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals and even such issues as the benefits of meditation

High-tech Second and Third Generation automated home health equipment for testing

In addition, there are efficient built-in accountability features are incorporated into the health care system currently

A lot of current day hospital issues and issues, such as hospital staph infections and so on.

Methods for choosing the most secure hospital, such as knowing their hospital’s infection rates are

A successful program that involves the choice of the most suitable doctor or surgeon.

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