All you have to know about Dubai business setup

Dubai is popularly known for its beautiful touristic places where tourists from various countries gather every year just to relax and enjoy the Middle East atmosphere that has one of the best infrastructures which has belted some of the highest world recBusiness setup in Dubaiords such as the tallest building in the world also known as Burj Khalifa. For instance, Dubai Airport is always among the top 3 busiest airports in the world as by International Airport Review magazine.

Even though tourism has massively contributed to Dubai’s economy, but it is not the only major activity that has transformed this beautiful city.

Today we will focus on Dubai businesses which have emerged as one of the business-friendly cities in the world.

Dubai’s business growth had a big influence on the daily life of people from different countries especially in Asia and Africa where they rely on Dubai as the medium of exporting and importing goods manufactured from different countries and continents.

Why is Dubai a better place to start a business?

Is there any global city in the world with luxurious infrastructures that allows foreign entrepreneurs and investors to start their business activities with a simple process like Dubai?

Forming a new company in Dubai offers numerous irresistible benefits that continue to entice foreigners to invest in various industries due to the simplicity of doing business that cannot be found in other popular cities.

Dubai has a good strategic geo-location that connects the most populous continents which help investors to expand their businesses locally and internationally through exporting and importing goods from everywhere in the world.

Opening a company with 100% foreign ownership in Dubai Mainland is no longer the dream for UAE nationals only.

Are you a foreign entrepreneur looking to establish a 100% foreign-owned business in Dubai Mainland? Dubai is a World Trade Center, which provides many advantages that will not be easily available in other major cities around the world.

Starting a business in Dubai as a foreigner with full ownership is the best decision you can make right now. Furthermore, fully owning your company has a slew of advantages, including 100% free taxes, the ability to operate anywhere in the UAE, the ease with which employees’ visas can be obtained, and much more benefits that we will describe in this article.

Prior to June 2021, it was not possible for a foreigner to fully own a business in Dubai Mainland without the participation of a UAE national also known as a local sponsor, who could hold up to 51% of the company’s shares. Now is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to establish a new business in Dubai where you can control and own it without any local agent.

The main benefits of setting up a company in Dubai Mainland.

There are many benefits of opening a company in Dubai, but these ones are the most common that you can expect before starting up your new corporate. Business setup in Dubai always comes with a lot of advantages and benefits we did not mention in this article but

          You will like a huge tax benefit.

          No restrictions to work in the other UAE Emirates.

          You no longer need a local sponsor to fully own a company.

          Easy to apply visas for your employees.

          More employee visas regardless of the size of your office or even you can use a virtual office.

          You can participate in government and semi-government tenders.

          Faster document processing and approval

          Best infrastructures

          Investing in a city that is faster growing economically.

          Many Freezones

          Strategic geolocation that unites different continents

          Multicultural environment

          Open economy for everyone

          Strong legal system

Dubai is among the best cities to setup your business and moreover, it is one of the cities that simplify the process of starting any type of business without complications where they welcome all the entrepreneurs regardless of the size of the company or capital investments.