No matter how certain females scoff at breasts enlargement surgery, it’s increasingly becoming the most popular plastic surgery performed in the United States today. Last year it was the most popular among all the cosmetic surgery procedures out there. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, 329,000 breast enlargement surgical procedures were performed in 2006. And as you guessed, the number has steadily increased each year since then.

Why do more women continue to get their breasts enlarged, you’d ask. Well, the answer is obvious – they want to look as good as the women they see in the covers of magazines, in movies, etc. I won’t say I blame such women because the men have shown that they prefer women with big, full and firmer looking breasts than women with flat breasts. It’s even evident that women with bigger, fuller and firmer breasts look better in clothes than women with flat breasts.

If you want to join the team of the bold women that have had breast enlargement surgery, you should ask and sufficiently answer the following questions:

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you can actually afford it right now or not. Yes, it can be pretty expensive, but many women don’t consider the cost because they end up getting the results they desired. To such women, the “end justifies the means”. You should take a good look at your finances to be sure you can afford the surgery without putting undue stress on yourself. There’s no use in spending all your life’s savings on it only to be filled with “buyers remorse” afterwards.

The second question to ask and answer is which is the best surgeon and best clinic to ensure a safe surgery. Even though it will be pretty expensive, it’s best to ensure you get the right surgeon and the right clinic for the procedure. While it has become relatively safe to have breast enlargement surgery done nowadays, there are still quacks out there who do a bad job, so you should ensure you stay clear of such quacks by only insisting on having the best surgeons attend to you.

The above questions are very important to ask and answer before contemplating a breast enlargement surgery. And of course you should learn as much as you can about the procedure. Also, come up with other questions that you want answers to and ask the surgeon before the female plastic surgeon.