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Sandblasting Cabinet Manufacturer in India

Cabinet Type Sandblasting Machine or Sandblasting cabinet gives a large sort of application functions. Our sandblasting machine comes in an in depth vary of sizes and is employed with nearly any dry abrasive blast media. The blasting of enormous areas or batches of tiny elements are simply achieved with these systems.

Sandblasting Cabinets are ideal for lower volume applications wherever price may be a issue. These systems are accessible during a wide range of sizes to accommodate nearly any size half and are designed for faster blasting furthermore as a lot of regular usage each of those vogue cabinets can be tailored and changed to fulfill the desired project specifications.

The cabinet sandblasting machine operates on the suction principle of abrasive blasting. The vacuum created by the compressed air issuing out of the injector and re-entering to the nozzle, lifts the abrasive from its storage tank to the re-entry point at the nozzle in the blast gun. The lifted abrasive gets mixed with the compressed air in the blast gun to strike the job to be cleaned. The operator takes one lot inside the cabinet and during blasting operation holds one job at a time and manually blasts clean the job. After cleaning, operator keeps the blast cleaned job in the cabinet itself & lifts the other job for blast cleaning. After cleaning, job can be air washed with a air blow gun provided. Used abrasive and dust created during blasting are sucked through a flexible suction hose to re-claimer where usable grit is reclaimed and collected in a storage tank for recycling and the dust is carried ahead and collected inside fabric bag fitted at the outlet of the exhaust fan and clean air is discharged into the atmospherecle from here.