All you have to know about Dubai business setup Dubai is popularly known for its beautiful touristic places where tourists from various countries gather every year just to relax and enjoy the Middle East atmosphere that has one of the best infrastructures which has belted some of the highest world records such as the tallest building in the world also known as Burj Khalifa. For instance, Dubai Airport is always among the top 3 busiest airports in the world as by International Airport Review magazine. Even though tourism has massively contributed to Dubai’s economy, but it is not the only major activity that has transformed this beautiful city. Today we will focus on Dubai businesses which have emerged as one of the business-friendly cities in the world. Dubai’s business growth had a big influence on the daily life of people from different countries especially in Asia and Africa where they rely on Dubai as the medium of exporting and importing goods manufactured from different countries and continents. Why is Dubai a better place to start a business? Is there any global city in the world with luxurious infrastructures that allows foreign entrepreneurs and investors to start their business activities with […] read more