The iyebiye jewelry sales representative will make it sound easy to try to to , and hosting a jewellery home show are often simple, but if you would like to maximise sales, and thus , the quantity of free jewelry you’ll earn from the show, then you’ll find the subsequent checklist helpful. SELECTING A DATE AND TIME The date and time of your jewelry party can help increase sales. A month or maybe two months before graduation, Christmas, or any gift-giving holiday can catch your guests already within the mood to buy . Booking a show well-timed for winter holidays are often tricky, however. I attended a jewellery show in early October, and every one available booking times for holiday delivery were already taken, so plan early if you would like the additional boost of Christmas and Holiday jewelry sales. If you’re lucky enough to be at a poolside party in July, don’t delay, book your November or December show then! The day of week and time are to be considered also. During season , a Sunday afternoon party could also be excellent timing, with many ladies eager to escape their armchair athlete men-folk for a few of hours. Super […] read more