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October 23, 2021

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Máy xây dựng và tỉ lệ vật liệu trong thi công đường nhựa

Máy xúc lật: Máy xúc lật được sử dụng trên công trường để tải vật liệu vào xe ben, xe tải … Vật liệu có thể là đất đào, chất thải phá dỡ, vật liệu thô, v.v. ở những nơi sử dụng máy xúc bánh xích hoặc bánh xích ở những nơi xe bánh lốp không thể tới được, xe ben tải liên tục và rải nhựa đường đều trên nền đường với độ đầm nhẹ. Tuy nhiên, để có độ đầm nén hoàn hảo, cần phải có lu sau khi lớp nhựa đường đã được lát.Cần trục tháp. Cần trục tháp là một loại cần trục cố định được sử dụng để nâng hạ khi xây dựng nhà cao tầng. Các vật liệu nặng như khối bê tông dự ứng lực, giàn thép, khung, … dễ dàng nâng lên đến độ cao cần thiết cho loại thiết bị này. Chúng bao gồm cột buồm, là tháp chống thẳng đứng, cánh tay là cánh tay vận hành của cần trục, thanh chống là cánh tay khác mang đối trọng ở phía sau cần trục và một chiếc ca bin của người vận hành mà từ đó bạn có thể tiếp […] read more
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Component function of crawler dozer

Before we start to look at the components of crawler dozers, let’s first look at a crawler dozer. The crawler dozer is the most common bulldozer recognized by its ripper and the tracks at the back. Because the crawler or track bulldozer has tracks that are well suited for terrain that requires traction as like muddy or slippery surfaces. Bulldozers are range in size from units with 75 horsepower which are less than 20000 pounds and those with 900 horsepower that weigh almost 240000 pounds. You can invest in this heavy equipment for sale due to its advantages of multipurpose applications. A bulldozer is a wheeled tractor or continuous track which recognizable by the metal plate mounted at the front of the unit called a blade. Dozers are used to excavate and push dirt and debris at construction areas or mining quarries. They are also used to clear and level surface, backfill trenches, and maintain roads, which can also help in the grading process, for construction projects which require detailed grading a motor grader is probably better suited. Now, look at the components of crawler dozers. The adjustable three-stage height armrests In the crawler dozer the adjustable three-stage height-armrests and relocated lever of fuel control which […] read more
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Elevator quotation for 2 main types of elevators

There are 2 types of house construction design drawings you need to prepare, which are floor drawings, floor layout drawings, section drawings, this drawing is the horizontal projection of the house showing the height. Some reference samples: 3-storey house model with an area of 5 × 20m The atrium is used as a place to receive guests, common activities as well as a spacious kitchen and dining room. a sense of relaxation for everyone who lives here. To design the living room architecture for a beautiful villa, it is necessary to note the following principles: If there is only one floor, it is difficult to ensure the desired harmony and efficiency. The atrium façade brings air or light into the house This extension usually comes with an elevator going up and down in the villa. Imported elevators are often installed by leading companies nationwide, constructed according to technical and quality standards. The first thing that many customers are interested in when learning about home elevators is the price of the elevator. There are many ways to divide the type of elevator, home elevator line. Click here to see more. Which is classified by origin, the most common origin with 2 […] read more
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Máy cắt bê tông Mikasa – loại máy xây dựng hiệu suất cao

Máy cắt bê tông Mikasa MCD-L14 đủ hiệu quả để có thể xử lý công việc nhanh chóng Dựa trên sức mạnh sáng tạo mạnh mẽ của Hòa Phát – Công ty Máy xây dựng, đó là một sự phát triển hợp lý khi phạm vi máy móc xây dựng liên tục mở rộng với việc giới thiệu sản phẩm mới. Máy cắt bê tông chuyên nghiệp Mikasa MCD-L14 nặng 62 kg.  Đối với tất cả những ai quan tâm đến hiệu suất, hoạt động trực quan và tính di động với mức giá hợp lý, không thể bỏ qua Mikasa MCD-L14!. Hay nói ngắn gọn: Mikasa MCD-L14 mang đến cho người dùng sự hỗ trợ hoàn hảo giữa các đặc tính hiệu suất thuyết phục và khả năng xử lý dễ dàng! Các đặc tính kỹ thuật khác cũng rất thuyết phục: Hành trình cắt lớn lên đến 170mm, và tốc độ nhanh góp phần mang lại kết quả đầm hoàn hảo mọi lúc. Tuy nhiên, động cơ xăng 4 thì 4 thì 4,8 kW (6,5 HP) mạnh mẽ có thể tạo ra áp suất cắt rất cao. Vì vậy, chúng tôi hoan nghênh máy cắt bê tông này trong […] read more
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What are the different mini excavator sizes?

When you are looking to choose the right equipment for your business then it is considered a time-consuming task because it is important to make the right choice just because this product cost is high and if you will make a wrong decision then it will going to cost your time and money as well. Even if you are looking to buy a mini excavator then still you have to consider the best size that can match your requirements and provide you the best return on investment. If you will pick that one that is too small then it will not provide the best functionality which will eventually not complete the work properly. Also, if you will pick large size equipment which is not the best fit for your requirements then it will not only affect your budget but will cost your time too. So if it is essential to know the requirements first of all and then choose the machine that best suits your job.  There are four types of excavators available in different sizes in the business market and they are categorized as mini, midi, standard, and large. In order to choose the best size, you must understand which options […] read more
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What is Food waste solution in India | CleanIndia Ventures

Food waste solution in India is becoming a critical problem due to the continuous increase of the Indian population. Indians waste the maximum amount of food as much as the whole of the UK consumes – a data point which will not be most indicative of our love of surfeit, because it is of our population.Read More… read more
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Segregation of waste is the most important step in Kitchen Waste Management in India oth at the Household level as well as Commercial level like restaurants, hospitality industry, etc. The waste needs to be segregated on the basis of Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable waste. Biodegradable waste includes organic waste, e.g. kitchen waste, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. The Non-biodegradable waste includes Recyclable, Toxic, Soiled, and E-waste.Read More…. read more
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Clean Composter Machine | CleanIndia Ventures

  Organic waste composter machine designed to process decomposition by controlling natural conditions such as heat, humidity, and moisture. The unit is capable of processing 25kg of organic waste into 70-80% mature compost within a day with almost 85% volume reduction. read more
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What is organic waste converter machine?

   The Organic waste converter Machine. It consists of the Curing System and a number of optional accessories for specific waste challenges. Which We use constitutes wasted food, vegetable, and fruit, etc. Call us at +919871692007 to know more about our Waste Converter features. read more
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What is Food Waste Recycling Machine?-Clean India Ventures

We provide comprehensive organic waste management solutions for all sizes of brewing companies. Our team will carry out waste audits to help determine the right Food Waste Recycling Machine that will cater to your needs. We can you’re your brewing business improve sustainability rates without conceding your goals.Know more information… read more
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