The filing cabinet is an essential piece of furniture that every office needs, to be able to store and safeguard their office files and document. And if your office still uses a standard desk drawer as its primary storage, I believe it is probably time to consider investing in a filing cabinet. Thinking about it, it is much cheaper than the value it gives you.

Meanwhile, buying filing cabinets from Melbourne Office Furniture might be a little tricky, considering the wide variety of filing cabinets available. This is not limited to sizes and shapes, but also the materials. While some people will love a filing cabinet that can easily fit under office desks and blend with their office decor, some people want something big and strong that stands out in their office.

Whichever the case might be, it is important you consider some important factors like the size and quality of the office drawers before choosing your filing cabinet. You must ensure the filing cabinets are wide enough to contain legal-size documents without folding them. Plus, you need to consider your office space to know the best office drawers that will fit your office without taking too much space.

To make things much easier for you, we have come up with some excellent filing cabinets that will give you all the essential features you need in your Melbourne office.

1. Aspect Fixed Drawer Unit 

This Aspect Fixed Drawer Unit filing cabinet is not only top quality but also well designed, modern, and made from top quality materials. The cabinet has an elegant design with a cool timber grain and White finish to make it blend perfectly to any office decor. Moreover, these filing cabinets come in two similar designs; one with three personal drawers, while the second one features two drawers, a large bottom drawer for keeping legal-sized documents, plus a small top personal drawer for keeping regular office bits and pieces.

The Aspect Fixed drawer is a little big for very small office desks, however, it is sturdy and durable enough to stay on its own and not too big that it will take up all your office space.

2. Aspect 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

This stylish and straightforward filing cabinet is made of heavy-duty materials and fitted with an anti-tilt mechanism. It is designed in modern, contemporary Casnan and White melamine colors, with a smooth surface that makes it look fresh, and at the same time classic. The Aspect 4 drawer filing cabinet offers enough room to arrange your files and document accordingly – with different sections.

Furthermore, this ‘wallet friendly’ office drawer unit will save your office a lot of space, and its unique presence makes it look elegant and stands out. Plus, the metal drawer runners make it strong and durable enough to carry heavy and bulky files.

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