Ready to Enhance your Business with an Advanced Software
for Online Consultation Marketplace

Would you like to build an online consulting marketplace platform to improve your consultancy business? If so, just drop us a line. MartPro team will help you in developing, launching, and maintaining the top-notch consulting platform.

An online marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts. Create a fully-customized marketplace with us!

Take advantage of our expert knowledge of marketplace business. We suggest to you which marketplace is best suited for which category, which positioning, and which product. We are always ideally informed about the marketplace business and keep an eye on where new marketplaces are cropping up.

Power Your Consultation Business with MartPro’s Advanced Technology Solution

•The Role of In-app Communication in Consultation Marketplaces

•Use Real-time Interactions to Connect Buyers and Sellers

•Use On-demand Voice and Video Features to Connect Users with Providers

•Turn your Viewers into Active Participants with Real-time Chat

•Grow Engagement through Intimate One-on-one and Group Conversations  

Feature-Rich MartPro Services

Strategy & Integration: MartPro explains what marketplaces are and what impact they have on the (online) strategy of brands. Also, MartPro helps brands with selecting the right integrator.  

Operation: MartPro helps brands to identify errors within the current organization and provides advice.  

Content: MartPro knows how to differentiate content and how to optimize this in each marketplace.  

Traffic: MartPro helps you with creating Sponsored Products campaigns on all relevant marketplaces.

Platform Highlights

Instant Consultation: Connect with experts anytime, anywhere!

Consult Via Chat: Connect and consult through chat or a call.

Pay Safely: Pay with a secure method through multiple payment options.

Data-Driven: Avoid the big bucket of rules problem and make data-driven decisions.

Up and Running: Yes, now your marketplace is ready to receive orders.

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