This article tells the difference between plastic and glass packaging, & how they are different from each other, and which would be best for packaging.

Customers evaluate the product by seeing its packaging. The consumer may not have tried your product before, but the packaging can make a huge difference and force him/her to try it. There has been a huge discussion about which would be the right packaging material between glass and plastic. And both of them are good, and while plastic bottles with caps offer a better advantage for product packaging, on the other hand, glass container comes with various types of closure. It can be hard to choose the best from these. But it mainly depends on the product you are going to keep. If you are searching for the perfect packaging solution between glass and plastic for your new product, then make sure to consider these factors.

Characteristics and chemical compatibility

Glass is a good option for sensitive products, and it can be used to keep some products for a long period of time. Glass doesn’t react with chemicals and keep the product safe, and is also good for a wide range of temperatures. But plastic can be used for a wide variety of products. It doesn’t react with chemicals as well, and that’s why it is used in the pharmaceutical, skincare, and food and beverage sector as well. The plastic bottles with caps keep the product safe and save it from contamination. It doesn’t let the product get exposed to the air as well. So, in this case, both plastic and glass are good options.


When it comes to Shipping, Glass offers so many disadvantages compared to plastic. Glass can break easily and shatter into pieces which makes it difficult for transportation. Additionally, Glass is heavy, and it takes more effort and trip for transportation of products. You need to be very careful while transporting Glass as they are very sensitive.

On the other hand, plastic materials offer many advantages in the case of Shipping. Plastic packaging is very strong, and they don’t break easily. They won’t get shattered like glass material, which makes it a safer option. Also, plastic is lightweight, which will need a fewer number of trips and efforts. It will not only save the transportation cost, but it would be better from the environmental point of view. The plastic bottles with caps won’t let the product get damaged or spill. So, from the shipping point of view, plastic packaging is surely the winner.


If you look at the cost point of view, which is very important, plastic packaging would be the winner. The reason is obvious because glass packaging is costly. Glass is expensive to ship, and it requires more manufacturing costs compared to plastic.

The melting point of plastic is less than Glass; as a result, it needs less amount of heat during production. With the advancement of Technology, plastic moulding is now even more affordable.

Environment factors

Glass can be reused and washed, and sterilized. Glass is 100% recyclable, and it has no loss in quality. Most of the plastic can be recycled, and with Technological advancements, there is environmentally friendly plastic available in the market. But when a plastic bottle is recycled, it is not used to make another plastic bottle but to make synthetic clothing. The environmental effects of plastic and Glass are not clear. Producing plastic and Glass have a high environmental impact as they need more energy. But both of them are essential, and so many things would stop without them.

How to decide between glass and plastic?

It can be very confusing when choosing the best between plastic and glass. But you need to think about your budget, and other factors we have mentioned above then decide. Both Glass and plastic are best for packaging, but glass is more versatile because it can be shaped and designed easily. You can also use your brand logo in the plastic packaging to make it look more personalized. Glass is also good from an aesthetic point of view.


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