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Blocked Drains and Pipes

Blocked drains and pipes are the most common plumbing issues because most people think letting small debris down the drain is not a big issue.

Soap residual from hygiene products sticks to the insides of pipes, this alone is not a big issue, but when hair goes down the drain, it sticks to the soap and can cause a build-up in the pipe. Whether you shave over a sink or let long hairs escape in the shower, it can easily cause a drain blockage and a big plumbing problem. 

If your sink or bathtub is blocked up, water will not drain effectively, which can lead to some scary health issues and damages to your property. The same goes for house toilets; foreign objects which are not toilet paper should never be flushed down the toilet, as this can cause similar blockage problems. Keep a bin next to your toilet to avoid the temptation and avoid a big plumbing problem.

Even in the kitchen, blocked drains and pipes can cause significant issues to your plumbing system as well. For example, a small amount of oil down the sink can lead to a block up. In general, its great practice to use a drain basket in all household sinks in order to catch the particles before they can escape. 

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Overuse of Toxic Cleaning Products

The common misconception to plumbing maintenance is that drain cleaners can fix all problems. Such products are a satisfactory solution for odd use, but when products with strong chemicals and toxins are used too often, it leads to pipe damage.

Specifically, in old pipes, the harsh chemicals wear away the metal, leading to cracks and leaks in your pipes. Even a small leak can cause expensive problems, with increases in water bills, water damage throughout the property and even a backed-up sewer.

Often the symptoms of a pipe leak are hard to notice at first. One of the issues you might encounter is low water pressure, which indicates that you may need a plumber to replace your pipes.

It is good practice to use organic and plant-based cleaning products in your home, especially when you have children and pets living in your home. If possible, avoid pouring chemicals down the drain all together and try a plunger first.

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Finding a Trusted Licenced Plumber or Electrician Sydney.

No matter how hard house owners try to prevent plumbing problems, the most common plumbing problems will pop up eventually, these issues need to be fixed immediately by a professional plumber to avoid further problems.

Suppose you are looking for a Gas Electrician in Parramatta or a Gas Plumber in Baulkham hills. In that case, Alan Oxfords’ highly experienced teams are available to help you install, repair and maintain your home’s electricity and water.