As seasons come and go, our clothing choices follow suit. We end up having piles and piles of clothing for each season, and as time moves on, no room for new clothing. Let’s look at some tips to help free up space.

If you’re not going to be using your clothes until next season, you will need to find a cool and dry place to store them. Storing your clothing in warm temperatures can be the ideal place for insects to live and molds to grow. If your storage room has a window, it is a good idea to cover it so sunlight does not get in. Sunlight can fade fabrics and do a lot of damage to leathers and furs.

Just tossing your clothes in the closet or storage room isn’t good enough if you plan on wearing them again in the future. You might think that vacuum-seal bags would be the best option to store clothing. But in fact, it can compress clothing to the point of damage and molds can grow inside the airtight space. If you’re using metal hangers, use non-rusting hangers or plastic would be the best choice. Metal hangers can rust with even a little humidity.

To help ward off insects and other creepy crawlies, you can place cedar blocks or moth balls in your storage space. However, it is not a good idea to have them floating around if you have small children or pets.

If you are storing multi-colored clothing together, it is a good idea to separate them using acid free sheets. Again, even a little humidity can create acid damage if you are not careful.

Storing your clothing properly will ensure you get the most out of them over time. You don’t have to rent expensive storage lockers, but you do need to follow these simply tips.

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