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Brooke Bond Red Label tea with 102 years. It is one of India’s largest dealing tea brands that offer formal quality tea leaves. They bring the perfect combination of taste and originality.

It’s one of India’s swish herbal tea brands with Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Ginger, and more herbal basics proven to enhance immunity. 

 maggi pazzta cheesy tomato is mouthwatering, quick, and easy. The pasta is made with 100 suji/ Rava (semolina) and is ready in just 5 beats! It makes a great snacking option or sides for your everyday feeds. Toss in some bell peppers or olives to make your Pasta reflection more wholesome and mouth watering!


Maggi Oats are loaded with fiber and minerals and is a healthy carb- keeping you full and satisfied longer. A big coliseum of oatmeal is so comforting in the time-out. I put it in a big red plastic mug, fill it with all these nutritional tidbits and they’re on their way.