Cryptocurrencies are gradually gaining momentum and traders are beginning to turn back to cryptocurrency. The recent bulls would see many turning towards crypto currencies in a bid to make quick profits in the crypto space, hence resulting in another bubble for this volatile asset class

While cryptocurrency trading could be highly rewarding, it is pertinent that you understand how cryptocurrency trading works before diving into trading as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and could result in loss of funds, deteriorating sanity, and an overall animosity towards the crypto assets. Hence, i recommend you read this write so you can start out your cryptocurrency trading journey on the right foot by following these few steps outlined in this article

Choose a reputable exchange platform

There are lots of exchange platforms out there, but before you go on to get your first cryptocurrency from any exchange platform, we recommend you do a proper background check on the platform. Because this would have an impact on how you trade, how profitable you become and the community you become involved with.

When searching for an exchange platform, you should focus more on focus on buying your cryptocurrency from a trusted and reliable source. Instead of focusing on “getting the best deal”, go with the exchange with the best reputation. Though it might cost you time researching for best platform to buy your cryptocurrency but at the end it is worth the peace of mind and security. The nature of cryptocurrencies has made it pertinent to carry out necessary research before engaging any platform, as cryptocurrency transactions are final and payments cannot be refunded once made. Therefore it is best you go for a reputable platform rather going for a platform that offers you a sweet deal, as a “sweet deal” in cryptocurrency can mean getting scammed.

There several platforms were one can easily buy and sell bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, however i would recommend any of these Nairaload, Coinbase and Nairadirect because you can assured that your funds are secured, and also a quick response from there support team should you have any questions.

Choose a wining strategy

As a beginner in the cryptocurrency market, you probably come across trading strategies from different persons claiming to experts in the crypto market. However before you dive into any of these strategies ensure they simple enough for you to implement and maintain because some complex strategies might be good but not the best strategy for you a beginner in the cryptocurrency market. It is advisable you maintain a simple strategy, and always keep in mind that there is no and never will be a strategy that will guarantee returns at all time. Nevertheless, you can always go for a strategy that reduces risk while maintaining a balanced portfolio.


Automate if you can

Unlike the forex market cryptocurrency market never sleeps, it runs every second of the day. And being online every now and then to monitor the cryptocurrency market can be very exhausting. I bet you wouldn’t want to be up all night trying to monitor the market trends. Hence, we recommend you find a reliable and secured automation tool to help you automate your strategies. There are a few automation tools that can help you do this so you don’t have to worry about being online 24 hours of the day.

Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio can reduce risk and provide stability in a volatile market. What do i mean by building a portfolio? i mean instead of buying a single asset (a single cryptocurrency) and hoping it performs very well, you can distribute the risk by getting a number of assets and manage these assets by making adjustments to your trading strategies….



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