Avast Antivirus is a product of ALWIL Software a.s., based out of the Czech Republic. ALWIL is one of the first security companies to emerge after the Velvet Revolution brought about the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Republic of Czechoslovakia. Since 1991, ALWIL Software has become a leader in providing security solutions in several areas around the globe. Avast Antivirus UK is now offered with full tech support in over 30 different languages.   [1]Considerations : Since Avast is one of the few antivirus programs created to work on multiple operating platforms, the problems and solutions covered in this article may not fix your related issue. Advast Antivirus software works on PDAs (WinCE and Palm), Linux, all Windows versions, U3 (flash drives), MAC, WHS (Windows Home Server), and BART CDs (Bootable Antivirus & Recovery Tools), which makes it one of the most versatile antivirus solutions available worldwide.   [2] Not Enough Storage : This is a common error message, when the Avast Virus Definition database has not been updated for months, or upon fresh installs on some platforms. It appears most often on older versions of the Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System). If this occurs, go to the Avast website and […] read more