A beautiful buddha paintings creates a magical place for us in our house where we enjoy ourselves and shuts off the outside world. Home is a relaxing place and a dimension of our personality in which we spend more than 50% of our lives. Our home affects our moods, so we should be mindful of what to include in our surroundings. Various wall art painting ideas can make it more positive and appealing. For example beautiful nature paintings or beautiful buddha paintings make the environment serene. Each handmade painting comes with a unique story of its own. Decorating our indoors with top collection paintings is a great option. Nowadays in India, one can easily buy wall decor online and be creative. So experiment with your walls and redefine your persona.  What’s unique about hand-made beautiful buddha paintings?  The wall paintings reflect life, a powerful medium that conveys different stories with vibrant colours on a canvas. What’s so special about beautiful buddha paintings? The Mona Lisa’s enigmatic portrait, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, is an buddha painting on a poplar wood panel. The beautiful buddha paintings is a famous art form, in trend from the Renaissance period till now. The richness, vibrant texture, […] read more