With the hectic routines we follow, we often find ourselves stuck in a blind end, where there is no growth and yet we keep on paving our way through it hopelessly. One keeps losing their motivation to work and improve when they find themselves in such blocked paths. That is when one feels the need for help. Someone who could help them with their motivation or at least help them see the path clearer and identify their challenges and the potential they need to execute to overcome them. In this article, we shall be discussing the importance of a life coach and how to find the best life coach in India. Why is it important to have a life coach? A life coach is a professional, who is certified generally by one of the top accreditation bodies in Coaching like the ICF (International coach federation), and has the competence to help people pave through their personal and professional challenges. Many times, a life coach is confused with a therapist or a counselor. The two professionals differ from each other on various levels. To start with, a counselor or a therapist works by helping you come to terms with your past, while a […] read more