Call Transcription   Transcription has been the talk of the towns lately and rightfully seeing the benefits that it has to offer. Different industries are benefiting from the call transcription services in many ways. Where call transcription helps record the verbal conversations, it has also helped industries to extract useful information out of client calls which is then put to good use in making products and offering services that best suit the preferences of the audience.   Get to know about Call transcription? As the name indicates, call transcription services allow you to document all your recorded or live calls into text files which can be used for various purposes. This text document of your calls not only secures your conversations for data loss but also offer additional benefits.   How is call transcription conducted? Call transcription has been around for a long time. And with new technological developments, the process is also improving and adapting to the changing times. There’s an orthodox way foc all transcription where a human transcriptionist will listen to your live or recorded calls very meticulously and precisely to write it’s equivalent text document. On the other hand, the use of Artificial intelligence for call […] read more