When renovating your house, you would want everything to be as beautiful as you had imagined. It is common for house owners who just purchased a resale flat to opt for a kitchen carpentry. There are many carpentry companies that offer custom carpentry services in Singapore. In order to look for a carpenter that would best meet your expectations, you would have to do a lot of research on the different companies there are in Singapore.    But fret not, in this article we are going to help you narrow down the list of carpentry contractors in Singapore down to 10!      Carpentry services can be divided into two categories, rough carpentry and finish carpentry. A carpenter’s job duties vary depending on whether they are working in rough carpentry or finish carpentry. Rough carpenters are responsible for the wood and/or metal support systems that make up a building’s structure. They are in charge of the “skeleton” of the building. Finish carpenters focus on the final touches of the house. Their job only starts after the building or house is fully built, insulated, wired, and plumbed.    Carpenters are hired to help people install, create or repair structures and fixtures […] read more