Do you also think that creating a classified website in PHP, post fake ads daily is gonna work anymore? Being in a business, you are well aware of this fact that there is high competition in the market either it’s a small shop or a big industry. There are a lot of classified sites opens daily but most of them got unsuccessful due to less planning. The key factors of any successful business are a strategy, operations, marketing, Finances, and team. Let’s talk in detail how to start a business like Olx, Craigslist, and eBay 1. Research For the Niche This is the major reason why most of the classified website fails. Picking an untapped niche is the best choice for a classified website. The classified site is full of competition already. Do you think it will be easy to outrank the sites which are already in the market for years? You have been hearing this quote “Do smart work not hard work” for years and here comes the right use of this quote. Building classified site for all niche and all locations is waste of time.It is a good idea to focus on a particular niche, it may give […] read more