Ethereum Smart Contract gambling now has a new address. 8Zen is a great place to start if you’re new to cryptocurrency gambling. A new gaming platform that brings you exciting games, offering a unique gambling experience to all its players.   As cryptocurrency remains a global phenomenon, industries worldwide are looking for new ways to incorporate this revolutionary technology into their core services. As a result, the online gaming platform has a better chance of becoming a breeding ground for exciting innovation and instant profits.   As the games at 8Zen are powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts, your bets are entirely secure while remaining anonymous. Playing games on 8Zen provides players with entertainment and an opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies simultaneously. They have the lowest gas fee applicable to all its games.   You are not required to register or sign up in any way! All you have to do is download the Metamask wallet and start betting. All transactions are processed securely by Metamask and 8Zen will only avail of 1% take from your bet amount.  Once players have wagered their bet amount on the game, 8Zen approves instant and 100% secure pay-outs.  As for now, 8Zen offers exciting games such as Roll a Dice, Coin Flip & Etheroll that guarantee the highest profits in the market. Players should keep […] read more