Here are a few pointers to help you pay off your student loans faster: Always make a larger payment than the minimum required Repayment plans that lengthen your payment terms should be avoided Examine positions that provide student loan forgiveness in exchange for service work For individuals with good credit, student loan refinancing is a fantastic choice Look into school-related tax deductions to help you save money on your taxes Loan servicers may give a 0.25% interest rate discount if you enroll in automated payments Add to your monthly income by working part-time or other jobs Lower your monthly spending When your financial position permits, make additional payments Instead of paying your charge once a month, cut it in half and pay it every two weeks To avoid capitalized interest, make monthly payments while the interest is accruing Spinwheel ( has developed cutting-edge debt APIs that focus on ease-of-access – making your already familiar financial wellness and debt repayment apps smarter and more efficient than ever. For more information, visit Spinwheel here. read more