Electric paint sprayers are an essential power tool for home maintenance. Paint on walls, furniture, and cars tends to peel off over time, so we need to refinish them, and the tool you need to use to do this is a paint sprayer. It is easier and faster to paint houses and furniture with a paint sprayer than with a roller or brush. So, How do you use an electric paint sprayer? The following guide will give you detailed instructions on how to use a paint spray gun correctly. How the electric paint sprayer works? The paint sprayer is a compressed air compressor that generates a pressure difference at the mouth of the sprayer that sucks the paint out of the paint reservoir and atomizes it into particles that are sprayed on the surface of the object being painted under the action of a high-speed jet of compressed air. Preparation before spraying: Prepare protective equipment Wear protective clothing before you start spraying, preferably one-piece overalls with boots, or if not, shoe covers or shoes you don’t mind being damaged by the paint. Wear goggles: Don’t just wear safety glasses, but also goggles that seal your eyes. Because they offer better protection. Wear a […] read more