How effective is the non surgical hair replacement? Today, Bono Hair will briefly introduce the product, including its advantages and disadvantages and tips on how to install it properly. We hope this article can be helpful to you. What is a non surgical hair replacement system People who have hair loss in the crown may be familiar with products, non-surgical hair replacement. Compared with surgical methods, wearing a toupee is safer and more effective. The appearance of the hair replacement system looks like a toupee. However, they have many differences. You can buy a wider range of hairpieces, those colors and designs are all bald. Sometimes, the purpose of wearing a toupee is not to cover up hair loss, but to change the appearance or play certain roles. hairpieces can be made of real human hair or synthetic hair, covering the entire head. Unlike hairpieces that pay more attention to appearance, hairpieces pay more attention to wearing experience and performance. The hair unit is usually made of real human hair. Asian hair, European hair or Indian hair are three commonly used original hairs. European hair is the softest and therefore the most expensive. Dark Asian hair is much harder. Many hairpieces are made from Indian […] read more