There are million and millions of web developers who sit in front of the PC for long time browsing for the lines of codes in order to make our life unbelievably easier, unlike us they very rarely get time to enjoy the happiness of their lives. Few other people like Adam Abrons and Miško Hevery have made these web developers life much easier around the world with their new ideas like Angular JS. These web developers are in love with their profession and web development henceforth they are in this profession and also, they get thrilled when they get any update which helps them to code in a better and quicker way. Angular JS was first released in 2012, it is an open source application framework, this is a technology where most of the web developers are interested in and are crazy about it. Angular JS is a new Java tool provided by Google, which can be utilized to design or generate web and mobile applications in a single page, many frameworks and plugins are accessible. So now anybody would be having a doubt in the back of their mind that why Angular JS is special, and also would be […] read more