ADI is one of the best staffing agencies in Southeast Asia with 3 different services, IT staff outsourcing, recruitment consulting and payroll outsourcing and providing a hassle-free process to obtain a work permit, in various countries, which are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines. In IT staff outsourcing, a partner can hire staff for a fixed amount of time. ADI takes responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then recruitment, maintaining the payroll, retaining and replacement of these staff.  In recruitment consulting, ADI, using a job description, provided by the partner, finds suitable candidates, who are then screened and the best candidates are submitted via a shortlist to the partner. The partner makes the ultimate hire, and ADI helps with ensuring the hire is successful and replacement, if it isn’t or if the candidate cannot pass prohibition.  In placing employees on ADI’s payroll, the partner has the option of placing any of their employees on ADI’s payroll. Finally, ADI also provides a hassle-free process of obtaining a work permit in all countries that ADI is based in, which are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Employees are carefully chosen through meticulous testing in various aspects, […] read more