Do you want to know why choosing the right keyword phrases for your website is really important? Do you want to know how to choose those keyword phrases in three easy steps? Hi everyone I’m Digital Swapnil I’m the founder of Webntools – Latest SEO, Digital Marketing News, Guides, & Reviews Blog. Today I’m going to share with you the process for selecting the right keyword phrases for your website to get you to the top of google and help you dominate your industry online. Today we’re going to talk about keyword phrases in three key areas: Keyword Choice Number of Keywords Keyword Reporting Keyword Choice Number one: which keyword phrases to target?. Now there’s a variety of different tools out there I’ve found a really helpful tool from Semrush – Keyword Magic Tool. You can either google that or we’ll check the Semrush review before using it. And with this tool you can check out with your keyword phrases things like monthly search traffic and also a rough scale of zero to 100 on how competitive that phrase is. So you can use that tool to build a list of keyword phrases for your website. Number of Keywords Number two: how […] read more