To reach your active customers, you have to be visible with effective SEO that places you in front of those anonymous searchers in your target market to pull them to your website and add you to their shortlist of possible solution providers.  Lead Generation Strategies SEO is a foundational digital marketing tactic that you must include in your B2B lead generation efforts. The goal of your SEO is to show up at the top of the search results whenever your active buyer is searching for any information. How lead generation works: 1. You create a plan to establish a relationship with your target market.   2. You reach out to connect, engage, and inform them using different lead generation strategies.  3. Active buyers conduct an online search as their need arises.   What is Bad SEO? On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are the two main categories that  Google looks at when deciding who to rank in a search and in which position.  On-Page SEO Bad On-Page SEO comes from ignoring the technical errors and warnings that arise in the natural running of any website. Broken links, missing ALT tags, meta descriptions that are too long, and duplicate meta descriptions are all examples […] read more