With the growing employment, especially in the corporate sector, the demand for Life coaches, NLP coaches, business coaches, etc has been rising. More and more people have begun to realize the scope for a successful career in becoming a life coach and are seeking help from the internet to guide them through it. Before we discuss how one can become a life coach and what are the institutes that provide one with life coach certification in India, we must first understand what is life coaching and what a life coach does. What is a life coach? One major misconception around these coaches is that they are often seen as therapy. Life coaching surely resembles therapy in several aspects but it isn’t therapy. There is a massive difference between the two. Both therapy and life coaching involve counseling, being empathetic, listening to your clients, but therapy helps you deal with your past and resolve the unsolved issues, while life coaches help you to work for your future. The central purpose of life coaching is to draw out outcomes. Someone who goes to a life coach seeks to become more productive and bring about a transformation in their life. Unlike mentors, a life […] read more