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October 19, 2021

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How Is Mobile App Testing And Web Testing Different?

The more we are going digital humans are more hellbent in developing new ways to minimize efforts and converting everything online whilst making it user-friendly. In the precedent world of web applications, web testing was winning the game and onboarding with every business. With the changing consumer mindset and technological advancement mobile phones have changed the scene. Now, people are more comfortable with mobile applications as it is more convenient and easier to operate. If we discuss about the methodologies used for web application testing and on the other hand, mobile app testing or we can say android app testing is entirely different from the approach followed for web app testing. Let’s stroll down with this blog and unlock the actual points that makes a difference between mobile app testing and web app testing:- Quality engineers may encounter different challenges with respect to web app testing and mobile app testing respectively. If we observe close enough, for web application testing, handling multiple browsers, foreign services can be the problems which generally arise. And in case of mobile app testing the issues might be more complex such as screen size, sensor issues, screen resolution and different versions of OS. Below are the important points where both […] read more
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Start-ups Must Know Challenges For Mobile App Development

In recent years, the Mobile App Development market has experienced a significant buzz. Most entrepreneurs have already developed mobile applications, or they are thinking of creating one. However, it is not new to the mobile app market to see new mobile app development company try their luck on the domain and leave because of a failure. For a mobile app for Start-ups , there’s nothing more annoying than to invest a large amount of money and effort to leave a flop or short-lived successful application. And that is a relatively common incident, sadly. It is very crucial to understand the difficulties and to develop strategic solutions to solve them. Let us make you aware of all the fundamental challenges in mobile app development when your app gets on the market. Real Challenges in Mobile App Development   For mobile app development for Start-ups , their correct selection for mobile app development services is critical since it determines the company’s whole destiny. Each stage requires a careful eye. Methodology for Growth: By developing your business approach and deciding if you are going to build a hybrid or native development or even just web-based mobile apps, you have to consider the nature of your organization. You need to plan UI & UX requirements as per iOS […] read more
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