Undaku, founded by three youngsters from Kerala, means ‘create’ in Malayalam. They have come out with a no-code application development platform with tools to help SaaS startups and small companies to create applications to run and manage their operations to help them steer their business to growth and profitability.    The beauty of this SaaS Builder Platform is in its  simplicity,  time-saving,  cost-effectiveness.   This is a no-code development tool using which applications can be developed by its drag-and-drop capabilities in an agile fashion thus saving cost and time. There is no need for high-cost software coders or developers to develop and deploy applications in a cloud environment.      Undaku’s vision is to help the tech startup ecosystem with opportunities to grow their topline and enhance the bottom line. How? Through these three models of delivery. Here is how:    The Undaku Builder Platform enabling startups and small companies to develop applications. This is without much initial investment for development and infrastructure and more through the OPEX route because you don’t need expensive resources to develop applications using the drag and drop feature of Undaku tools. Here, the recurring expenses are mostly for the usage of cloud environments […] read more