Many people are hesitant to buy an outdoor kitchen pizza oven because they think pizza is the only thing you can cook in it. However, nowadays, people are using pizza ovens for cooking many other food dishes besides pizza. One of the most popular alternative food dishes to cook in a wood-fired pizza oven is meat dishes. There are more than one hundred meat dishes you can cook in the pizza oven. If you are wondering how to cook meat in a wood-fired oven, we will discuss some of those ways below. Beef Steak Do you want to learn how to cook steak in a pizza oven? Steak is an easy and simple type of food to practice cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven. It doesn’t require you to have much experience in the kitchen either. Plus, people are naturally drawn to juicy thick-cut steaks with higher fat content, such as rib-eye. Of course, there is nothing wrong with cooking lean tenderloins in a pizza oven if you wish to do so. The oven temperature should be hot enough (about 700°F) to achieve the proper tenderness for the meat. You have the option to place a grill on wooden blocks or use a […] read more