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October 20, 2021

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Surah Kausar

Every Surah in the Quran has major advantages. The reading of Surah Kausar is also linked with several rites and advantages. A person who recites Surah Kausar on a regular basis will undoubtedly get benefits on the Day of Resurrection. Let’s know more about the shortest Surah of the Quran and the benefits that are associated with it. What Is The Meaning Of Surah Kausar? The idea of spiritual wealth via dedication and sacrifice is summed up in Surah Kausar. This Surah is first and foremost addressed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and then to the rest of the Muslims via him. Al-Kawthar means abundance in Arabic, and it is also the name of a river in Jannah that Allah (SWT) has given Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and from which the faithful shall drink on the Day of Resurrection (Yawm Al-Qiyamah). “Verily, we have blessed You with Al Kausar” (Surah al Kausar) kawthar, as applied to believers, represents the ability to gain knowledge, conduct good work, be kind to all beings, and so achieve dignity and inner peace. kawthar can alternatively be translated as Cistern. This Cistern will be placed at the location where the ummah of Muhammad (PBUH) would congregate on the Day of Resurrection. […] read more
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Surah Falaq

Add Surah Falaq Virtues And Lessons: The word “al-Falaq” in the first verse, a generic term referring to the process of ‘splitting’, has been restricted in most translations to one particular type of splitting, namely ‘daybreak’ or ‘dawn’.   Surah al Falaq Meaning Surah Falaq (Arabic: الفلق) is the 113th chapter of the Quran and a Meccan surah. In English, the Surah’s title signifies “dawn” or “daybreak.” Its name is derived from the word “Falaq” mentioned in Verse 1.   Why Was Surah Falaq Revealed? Surah al-Falaq was revealed to help Muslims seek refuge in Allah by reciting it. The Prophet (PBUH) revealed in one Sahih hadith that “Allah has revealed to me Ayat the likes of which have not been seen” The Surahs he’s referring to are surah al falaq and surah an nas. The hadith goes on to say that the Prophet suggested saying, “Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind…” (Surah An-Nas) all the way to the finish. “Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of Al-Falaq…” till the Surah ends. Together, these two surahs are so strong that they have been given a specific name: “Al mu’awwidhatayn” (Arabic: ), which means “the verses of refuge.” The potency of these surahs […] read more
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Noor Academy, an online platform for kids Quran

Noor Academy, an online platform for kids Quran Sciences, is an ambitious project that aims to create an interactive and easy educational environment for kids and the Noble Quran, where numerous challenges -related to society, job, and a place to live- stand in the way of enrolling in universities and private education centers. read more
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