Wouldn’t it be nice to work efficiently with some quick notes and easy to access call details? Salesforce Lightning Dialer offers Salespeople everything they want. Make calls, take notes, maintain call records, work accordingly. These are the primary tasks Salespeople do on daily basis. They take notes, and then spend hours updating Salesforce. How convenient it would be if Salespeople could make the calls from Salesforce and take notes right there? The COVID pandemic has made Salespeople’s life harder. They are making much more calls than in-person meetings, and keeping Salesforce updated is uphill battle for them. Lightning Dialer is designed to: “Gain back hours of productivity by communicating more efficiently with prospects and customers. It begins by logging details right from within Salesforce.” “Our goal was to remove barriers,” said former Senior Vice President of Sales Cloud Product Manager at Salesforce- Will Moxley in the article published on eWEEK, and further added, “With this breakthrough, we’re connecting clients to what matters most to them—their customers.” Salesforce Lightning Dialer: Making Communication Better Salesforce Lightning Dialer was introduced as an outbound calling system, but the addition of inbound calling functionality makes it much more useful. It helps reps to call prospects directly […] read more