Back in the day, it was much simpler with the big dog ILGM delivering cannabis seeds in Australia, but for some reason they have stopped. Not only did ILGM stopped shipping marijuana seeds to Australia, they stopped sending to the rest of the world all together (until further notice), now they only send weed seeds in the USA. So what seed banks ship to Australia now do you ask? Well my 420 friends, I’m here to quickly point to 3 directions. So which seedbank sends pot seeds to oz? Alright, I’ll get to the point! I’ll list the 5 best seed banks for Australia below. I will rate them based on 1. quality of seeds, 2. customer support, 3. stealth delivery, 4. affordability and lastly 5. delivery times. So without further ado, here is my recommendations. No. 1 – Cannabis Seeds Australian Seedbank These guys have been around for awhile, since 2015. Their website name is actually Weed Seeds Australia but don’t let that bother you. The quality of pot seeds in this Australian seed bank is nothing but the best. They have a fantastic support system in their Q&A section, deliveries are always discreet, the strains can be cheap depending […] read more