What is a rotary multi tool? As the name suggests, the rotary multi tool can obtain the desired result with a high rotation speed, and different tools have different power and levels, and some can reach 35,000 rpm. The rotary multi tool is light and easy to use, and it is well received by day enthusiasts. Rotating tools have a variety of accessories that easily complete a variety of complex work, this opaque tool does not seem to do anything. Rotating tool accessories include: Cut the head and cutting wheel for wood, plastic, and certain types of ceramic and metal. Wood, plastic, ceramic, and some type of half-tremendous engraving drill bit and engraving drill bit. Wood, masonry, stone, and certain type metal grinding head. Woodworking milling cutter. Wheels and grinding wheels for wood and fiberglass. Brush head and polishing head for stone, ceramic, glass, silver, and gold. The use of a rotary multi tool The use of rotary tools is very wide, you can use them to cut, grind, engraved, polished, drilling, etc. Sanding Sanding narrow spaces with a rotary multi tool requires only a replacement sanding bit. You can easily obtain a smooth surface, ready for painting or whitewashing. The rotary […] read more