Over the past few weeks, around the world, we have witnessed serious disruptions in the way we work and communicate with our employees and customers. Companies have banned indefinite travel and the workforce has been split with offices forced to close. In this time of anxiety and uncertainty, businesses mustn’t slow down their communication. You should be over-communicating more than ever. Video is the most effective way to communicate at scale within your organization, no matter where your employees or customers are. Communications help relieve anxiety in your staff and create transparency with your customers. So how can you achieve this when your team is not functioning at a “normal” pace? Create videos on your mobile! Dillon group of media are one of the best video production Florida companies.   Here are Some Tips to Shoot a Video Through Phone:  1. Choose a Good Background Find a quiet place that doesn’t resonate and make sure we can hear your talent. Shooting in a well-lit area will greatly improve the quality of your video. If possible, manage the light but avoid lights that cast shadows on your talent’s face. Try to find a place that has an interesting background. Depth and […] read more