Despite the fact that Virtual Education Fairs have been around for a decade, as the school year starts, recruiters confront a tough challenge: organizing and marketing entirely virtual education fairs during a pandemic. The good news is that virtual events will continue to be attended by the vast majority of students. Consider how eager parents and students will be to reap the benefits of a virtual education fair from the comfort of their couches if they were willing to sacrifice their time and resources to travel to and attend one of the physical education fairs prior to the pandemic. The bad news is that since on-campus marketing is no longer a possibility, reaching kids may seem more difficult. Events necessitate a significant amount of time, resources, and effort. It’s critical that prospects not only attend them but also receive proper follow-up. Fortunately, with the right marketing strategy, you can maximise event attendance, which will increase the number of interested students and, in turn, multiply the number of applications you receive. Here are some marketing tips that you can follow to maximise the number of leads for your next event: 1.     Create your event’s landing page: A strong digital marketing strategy […] read more