What is a virtual event? In the midst of a pandemic, organisations are still striving to connect clients and businesses together and a great way to do so in the new-normal is through virtual events. It is a gathering of people with the same agenda, but online instead of a physical face-to-face session. They gather for common interests/professions or even specific needs such as learning a new skill. These events can range from small get-togethers to giant events such as virtual live streams and even concerts with pop artists and deejays. Virtual events feature many of the benefits similar to physical ones and can ensure the well-being of your staff and attendees in th current climate. How to Choose virtual events organizer? Go for virtual events organizer with experienced in planning traditional physical events such as company D&Ds, bonding sessions and product launches. Due to the pandemic, we saw many of their clients taking the opportunity to digitalise their businesses and have pivoted to suit those needs. Ranging from virtual D&Ds, AGMS, to virtual webinars and workshops, The organizer must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make events a success   What are some of the commonly […] read more