With the increasing shortage of wood resources, the choice of raw materials for traditional plastic wood composite materials began to turn to crop straw. Straw, reed straw, rice straw, cotton straw, etc., as important crop straw resources, are large in quantity and cheap, renewable, degradable, and have great utilization value. Traditional utilization methods are difficult to produce industrial products with high added value, and the comprehensive utilization rate is low. A large amount of straw has not been used effectively and reasonably for a long time, leading to it becoming a waste resource. Combined with improper disposal methods such as incineration, it wastes precious biomass resources and brings serious environmental pollution.

In recent years, the industry has gradually formed a new demand of “replacing wood with straw”. In the field of plastic wood composite material manufacturing, the straw of straw plastic composite material was first put forward in China in recent years. Straw-plastic composite (SPC) is a kind of Straw-plastic composite (SPC) composed of Straw, cotton stalk, bagasse, and other fibers that grow less than one year old. After crushing and interfacial compatibilization treatment, it is blended with thermoplastics and auxiliaries. It is a new environment-friendly recyclable material that is made by extrusion, hot pressing or injection molding process and has the characteristics of bio-based material and plastic. In the current under the background of sustainable development, renewable resources more and more attention, and the straw is used in the production of the plastic wood composite materials, to produce green environmental protection, plastic wood products with high added value, not only expanded the straw utilization way, relieve the contradictions of supply and demand of timber resources of China, also note the fresh blood for the plastic wood industry, It is of profound significance to strengthen the recovery and utilization of agricultural and forestry residual resources and to reduce the pressure of environment and ecology.