Buying something is very easy to do but it is equally hard to pick what to buy. Making choice gets tough when there are so many options when it comes to online learning applications. There are a lot of parameters to consider before buying an online learning app. Here are pros and cons of a few online learning apps that you could keep in mind before buying it for yourself or your child.

1. Extramarks: Extramarks is a lesser known e-learning app unlike Byjus or Unacademy but it has great content for all classes beginning from Kg to 12 th. They also offer coaching for exams like NEET and JEE. Extramarks is available even for Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other regional boards. Another huge pro is that extramarks also serves Hindi mediumstudents as well. There are not many e-learning websites that serve Hindi medium students too. The one main con is that it is not economically feasible. They charge around 2000-3000 per month.

2. Byju’s – Byju’s is undoubtedly one of the most famous online learning apps ever due to their effective advertising and marketing strategies. Byjus has a really wide reach due to all the various courses available on its site. Byjus provides you with courses even for IAS, JEE, NEET and other government exams as well. The quality of Byju’s content is really great and made in a very interactive manner. It is famous for well deserved reasons. The only con is that Byjus is really expensive. It charges around 3,000 per month totalling to a whopping amount of 36,000/- per year. A layman wouldn’t be able to afford Byjus at all. It is not at all an economical option especially when there are other such websites that offer the same quality content for much lesser price.

3. Unacademy : Unacademy is the king of online learning when it comes to preparation for UPSC exams. Unacademy started out for UPSC coaching but now also serves the students preparing for JEE, NEET, SSC and other such exams. Unacademy is not specially made for school students though it covers entire NCERT books from 6 th class upwards. Again price is a huge hurdle. They charge about 80,000/- for the IAS tablet. Unacademy really isn’t the best option when it comes to school students.

4. Digital Teacher: Digital teacher is a Hyderabad based e-learning company that serves over 6500+ schools and individuals. They have the best of animations to help students understand the topics better. Digital teacher provides both offline and online modes of e-learning. Digital teacher has both NCERT and state textbooks (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh). A huge pro of digital teacher is that it is a very economical option starting at 1,547/- per year and has a1 quality content. The only con is that it is not yet available for students from nursery to 5 th class in the online medium yet. Students from nursery to 5 th class can opt for the offline version.


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