I’m crazy about traveling, and I explored many countries before Coronavirus came. But I knew that people would find a solution to cope with Covid-19, and I was right! 

After some time, they created a vaccine. So I can get vaccinated and travel to other places calmly! 

To understand the International Vaccination Passport definicion, I recommend you to read the article that I’ve found on the Internet. I think it’s the best article in this field as it contains full information about passports written in simple language.

First, you’ll learn What Is Vaccination Certificate, of course. Then, the author will tell you the reason why you need it. It’s clear: you can travel with this document. 

Also, you’ll know who can get a Vaccination certificate. The conditions of obtaining are simple: you need to receive two doses of vaccine. 

Apart from all the necessary information you need to know about the vaccination passport, the author tells you about two big problems that are related to this certificate and vaccination at all. They’re a privacy issue and an ethical one. I think that the privacy problem is the most important. 


So read this article and be healthy!